Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five Stages of (Writer's) Grief

Whenever I get my manuscript back from my editor-friend, I go through the five stages of grief.

Step 1- Denial: This isn't so bad, my book is pretty good. I read it and re-read it multiple times already, what could possibly be wrong with it? Pshhh! This'll be a piece of cake!

Step 2- Anger: I hate this stupid thing! Why did I think I could write anyway? Did I really use that word so many times? I'm going to burn this book! At least it would keep me warm in the winter!

Step 3- Bargaining: Next time I will be better, I swear! I will keep that thesaurus within arms reach, I can change! Please don't be like this! That's what re-writes are for, right??

Step 4- Depression: *Sobbing uncontrollably* My book sucks! It's the worst string of words put to paper since the beginning of time! Next to this, '50 Shades of Grey' looks like Shakespeare! Why did I ever think I could do this! I actually thought people might want to rest their eye sockets on this piece of garbage?

Step 5- Acceptance: Well, maybe it's not worse than 50 Shades... Perhaps it's even readable. Now that it's polished, it may actually shine in parts! Someone out there may enjoy it. There is hope after all!!